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Pediatric Partners of the Southwest


Pediatric Partners, with the assistance of Rocky Mountain Health Plans, has started an Integrated Behavioral Health program within our office. We have 3 Behavioral Health providers who are present in the office Monday-Friday. They will be able to provide targeted intervention for common behavioral and developmental challenges such as potty training, tantrums, or bedtime; they can help with management of chronic medical conditions, including adherence to treatment; assist with parental transitions (post-partum depression, returning to work, divorce); and they will serve in a critical manner to help with the interface of school and community mental health programs with the medical home.


Specializing in Support and Community Referrals

• Potty Training

• Academic Challenges

• Developmental Delay

• Anxiety

• Sleep Concerns

• Depression

• Post-Partum Adjustment and Depression 

Behavioral Health Resources

Local Supports

Child and Adolescent Therapist List updated 4/2024

Adult Therapist List updated 4/2024

Spanish Speaking Providers (telehealth) updated 1/2023

Crisis Support updated 1/2022

Resources List updated 3/2023

Café au Play: Outdoor Play for Young Children

For Love & Babes Postpartum Support Group

Durango Academic Coaching

Handouts on Development

Reach out and Read Parental Reading Guide

Reach out and Read Tips for Your Family

ASQ Activities by Age

ASQ Materiales en Español

Handouts for Supporting Children

Anxiety Coping Skills for Teens

Anxiety Coping Skills for Children

Depression Coping Skills for Teens

Big Feelings in Toddlers and Children

Tools for Supporting Emotional Health and Well-Being - With practice, these skills can help children and youth recognize how their feelings are influenced by what they think and what they do. The skills can be useful in dealing with challenges and other everyday stressors now and as they grow into adulthood

Useful Forms

Initial Teacher Assessment: Vanderbilt Assessment for ADHD

Initial Parent Assessment: Vanderbilt Assessment for ADHD
Cuestionario para Padres: Vanderbilt de evaluación para ADHD

Teacher Follow-up: Vanderbilt Assessment for ADHD

Parent Follow-up: Vanderbilt Assessment for ADHD

Helpful Websites Comprehensive website created by pediatricians to offer information about parenting, development, safety, and overall health.

Ages and Stages: Information regarding developmental stages, free resources for developmental activities and how to get extra developmental support if needed.

Feeding littles: Strategies and supports from a nutritionist and occupational therapist for infants, toddlers, and children regarding nutrition and eating.

Big Little Feelings: Strategies and supports from a licensed marriage and family therapist and mom for toddler and young children regarding tantrums, feelings, discipline, and sleep. Supportive resources and information for those who learn differently (ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, etc.). General information regarding ADHD and support for symptoms. Advice and guidance from people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder regarding parenting, schooling, motivation, and more.

Children's Hospital Colorado: Physical and Mental Health: Great description of the intersection of sleep and physical and mental health.

Quality Data for Behavioral Health

Davis Hoffman
Davis Hoffman, BHC

Davis was raised in a family of seven in Nashville, Tennessee, amongst rolling hills and open meadows for most of his life. In his young adult life, Davis left his southern roots when he volunteered in an orphanage in Haiti for two summers working as a construction manager and care coordinator which materialized his affection for working with children with complex backgrounds. In 2013, Davis attended University of Tennessee in an accelerated program to receive an undergraduate and Master’s degree in social work. During his undergraduate field practicum, Davis interned as a social worker for a school health center in the Appalachian mountains for two years and for his graduate practice, Davis worked as a school counselor for a charter school in his hometown. In his collegiate summers and graduate year, Davis spent time working with youth in an array of areas from gymnastics coach; mentor for children with special needs; advocate for orphaned children; and social worker in an interprofessional medical team. After graduating in 2018, Davis spent over two years teaching English in Thailand which integrated his desire to educate, empower, and equip teens and young adults to the best of his ability. Davis attributes many of his successes and eclectic experiences to his supportive family and strong mentors that offer professionalism, guidance, and constructive feedback. Davis adheres to the belief that all humans are acting in their most rational self based on their unique upbringing, worldview, perspective, history, etc., and that everyone has the potential to thrive. Davis strives to learn something from everyone he meets and offers presence, ease, and a listening ear. In his free time, Davis can be found playing outside in various ways including practicing yoga, floating on paddle boards, riding his bicycle, listening to music or podcasts, reading a new book in a cafe, hiking, rock climbing, and camping in Durango’s surrounding beauty.

Lisa Sifrit, LSW

Lisa is a social worker who has been working both locally and internationally for the past 15 years to help families overcome challenges that impact their well-being. After competing her undergraduate in Behavioral Science at Metro State University of Denver, Lisa was able to work in countries impacted by natural disasters, and this work with underprivileged populations led her to pursue a master’s in social work. She returned to Durango and worked with families experiencing homelessness, children impacted by abuse and neglect, and spent the last three years working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Lisa is now on her path to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and uses motivational interviewing, client-centered, solution-focused, and strengths-based techniques to empower children and their caregivers as they navigate life’s many challenges. Lisa is also a Child and Family Investigator for the court and is passionate about helping families navigate divorce and the complex court system. Lisa is a Durango local and loves sharing experiences like mountain biking, skiing, rafting, and camping with her husband and their three children.


Lisa Sifrit
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