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Mikel Love, MS RD
Pediatric Partners of the Southwest


Pediatric Partners of the Southwest is committed to providing excellent Pediatric primary care to our community. This now includes pediatric care in school settings! Appointments for all school clinics can be made by calling our main number 970-375-0100.

Bayfield School-Based Health Center, located in the former Bayfield Elementary Primary School, also hosts a school-based health center. A PPSW Pediatric Provider is present Monday through Friday for well visits and same-day sick visits, offering all of the services we provide at our main office. We will be readily available to the schools for any issues that arise during the school day, as well, with a parent/guardian in attendance.

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North Main Durango High School – School Based Health Center, Durango High School is a student-based health center for children of all ages. A PPSW physician is present at DHS SBHC 5 days per week 8:30 am- 4:40 pm. This clinic offers the same range of sick and well visits as our main Horse Gulch PPSW office. A Behavioral Health Clinician is present to assist the physician/nurse, modeled similarly to the highly successful integrated Behavioral Health program in the PPSW main office. If illness or injury arises suddenly for high school students, parents can be brought in remotely through a Tele-Health visit. 

Silverton Schools has a Tele-Health linkage with PPSW, whereby a child and parent visit over an internet video linkage with the physician, and are examined by the Silverton nurse using state-of-the-art otoscopes and stethoscopes that transmit live, accurate video and audio data to the physician.  When the passes are closed, Silverton kids can still be assessed, prescriptions can be written, and health issues can be solved, often avoiding a long drive in to Durango. 


At our school-based clinics, basic diagnostic tests are available, such as strep tests and urine testing. School-based health centers have been shown to greatly reduce missed class time by offering visits right where the child is, resulting in less time out of class for the child, and less time off of work for the parent. Infections can be treated more quickly, allowing a quicker return to school.  


At any of our school-based locations, we do not restrict students who are established with other primary care providers - we will be able to provide a full visit record to any other office in a short period of time. 

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